About us


TAOS watches are made by the finest Swiss artisans and produced in micro-quantities in Geneva.

Watches that are unique, local and human. The result of the work of talented teams dedicated to an ideal : to offer a vibrant piece of art to aesthetes and discerning collectors of singular objects.

TAOS tells a timeless story, celebrating exceptional craftsmanship.

With cutting-edge technology as its ally and the dominance of Métiers d’Arts as a tradition to be defended and presented to the world, TAOS aims to transcend its knowledge, to improve daily its production techniques in order to create an object of character; a watch with unrivalled contours, a symbol of pure elegance.


We welcome you to our workshop located in Geneva where you can meet the artisans and their know-how. Whether you wish to be part of the process or just a keen observer, you’re at our side.

By entering the TAOS universe, our customers discover the magic of our processes.

We foster sharing and exchanges so that the world of Métiers d’Arts can shine.

Independent Freedom

Our mission is to promote the importance of rare competences through unique objects. Here, creativity manifests itself through a vision of humility, hard work and constant development in pursuit of authenticity while celebrating beauty. Free and autonomous, developed beyond the shackles of conformism, TAOS watches are true artistic creations. Our watches represent an aspiration, a quest for the absolute that accompanies us and drives our efforts.

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